If your favorite social media app & retail shop had a (really hot) baby.

Looking for clothes online? Try browsing through +100 million articles of clothing spread across 24 million websites and maybe... you'll find what you're looking for...

No? Well we're changing that by creating a personalized shopping experience that makes it easy for you to find what you want. It's called Tote.

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Let our AI find the clothes you want

Looking for something specific or just browsing?

Whether your shopping game is all about efficiency or inspiration, Tote will do both for you

Our AI algorithms are here to serve you

No targeted ads and no two feeds  the same. As you shop, your Tote customizes based on your taste

The Swiss Army Knife of fashion apps

Tote isn't just for shopping. It's for saving, organizing, and sharing the clothing you discover

Data to drive change

Your data is your voice to influence the industry because what you like and don't like directly influences what's being made.  We believe that if together, we can help brands and retailers design and produce right, we can drastically reduce waste in the industry.

At the Vet

You're an individual with a unique fashion sense. 

Why see what everyone else sees? Use the app that sifts through the noise to show you the things that match your unique self.

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